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Very nice and interesting Sturmgeschütz grouping from Gefreiten Karl Alvermann.
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The overall condition of all documents is very good. They are awarded to Gefreiten Karl Alvermann who served in the 3.Kompanie of Panzer Zerstörer Bataillon 477 and later in Panzerjäger Sturmgeschütz Abteilung 1158
Panzer Zerstörer Bataillon 477 was created in December 1943 and was part of the 225.Infanter-Division. Bataillon 477 was a test bataillon for the 'Ofenrohr'. Also known as the Panzerschreck. He was in the 3rd kompanie which where equipped with heavy Anti-tank guns, PaKs.
More information can be found here. Very interesting!
After that Alvermann moved to Panzerjäger Sturmgeschütz Abteilung 1158. This abteilung fell under the 58.Infanterie-Division. The dates Alvermann recieved the awards they fought in the region of Narwa and Memel. 

This lot contains the following documents;

  • Eisernes Kreuz II Klasse. Awarded on 27.01.1944. Signed by Generalmajor Curt Siewert
  • Infanterie Sturmabz. Awarded on 03.07.1944
  • Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. Awarded on 02.10.1944
  • A free pass to visit his family. Approved whilst he was in the Reichsarbeitsdienst. (1942)
  • some sort of registration card. 
  • Erkennungsmarke 2.Kompanie Kraftfahr Ersatz Bataillon 6. 
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