Inf.Rgt.87 Wehrpass + EK2 Document (KIA)

Nice Wehrmacht Wehrpass and EK2 award document that belonged to a soldier who served within the 3.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 87.

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The Wehrpass shows overall normal signs of wear. It's solid and complete with all pages and portrait of Anton wearing his combat uniform. Every page with interesting entries have been scanned. The pass belonged to Obergefreiten Anton Gansen. Anton first served within the 6.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 15 from late October 1935 till early October 1936. He then served in the 1.(ersatz)Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 87 from mid Decemer 1939 till mid Januari 1940 before going to the 3.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 87. This regiment was part of the 36.Infanterie-Division and saw it's first combat during the invasion of Belgium in May 1940 and then during the invasion of France. After the French capitulation the regiment stayed in France for some months. In June 1941 the division and her regiments participated in the invasion of Russia. It fought in areas like Pleskau and Leningrad.
According to the Wehrpass Anton died on the 15th of August 1941 of the result of an accident. But we did some research and found some additional information (see last photo) that Anton died of a shotwound that entered his body hitting his left lung and then the right lung. So was this and accident?
Anton was skilled to handle/operate the K98, l.M.G.08/15, P08, M.G.34 and Handgranate. According to the Wehrpass Anton earned, at least, the Infanterie Sturmabzeichen and the Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse. The aard document of the EKII comes with the Wehrpass and is signed by Generalmajor and Kommandeur der 36.Infanterie-Division Otto-Ernst Ottenbacher (Ritterkreuz 1941).

See last picture for more information (please note that we don't own that info card).

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