Fahrkol. Pz.-Div-Kolonne 27 Grouping (KIA)(17.Pz-Div.)

Interesting and tragic grouping of a soldier who served within Fahrkolonne Panzer-Divisions-Kolonne 27.

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All the documents of the grouping show overall normal signs of wear. It belonged to a soldier named Hermann Vehrenkamp. Hermann was drafted in the 11.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 15 where he served for nearly 2 years before he switched to 2.Radfahr Schwadron Aufklarungs Abteilung 216. He stayed within this unit untill late November 1942. In Januari 1941 the unit became Panzerjager Abteilung 216. With this unit Hermann saw combat during the invasion of Belgium and France. In December 1941 he was sent to the east to fight in Russia. He fought in areas like Orel and Bolchoff.

In November 1942 Hermann switched units to 12.Fahrkolonne Panzer-Divisions-Kolonne 27 wich was part of the 17.Panzer-Disivion. He served in this unit untill his dead on the second of August 1944. 
Hermann was skilled to operate different weapons such as the K98,MG34,MP40 and P08. He was awarded the Ostmedaille and Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2.Klasse
The Wehrpass comes with a lot of other documents. Among them is his private Fuhrerschein with portrait, 4 photographs, RAD-Ausweiss and much more (18 pieces in total). 

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