Wehrpass Waffenmeistergehilfe Inf.Rgt.422 (EKII,ISA,VWA)

Nice Wehrpass that belonged to a Unteroffizier who served within the 4.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 422.

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The Wehrpass shows overall normal signs of wear. It's solid and complete with all pages and portrait of Erich. Every page with entries have been scanned. The pass belonged to Erich Manseler. Erich was drafted in October 1936 into the 5.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 3. Erich switched units a couple of times, but spend the most of it's time in the 4.(M.G.)Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 422. With this regiment he saw action in Litauen en Russia (Ilmensee, Leningrad and Wolchow). Erich was wounded twice. One headwound (20.10.1941) and eardamage (01.06.1942). 
Erich was awarded the Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse, Infanterie Sturmabzeichen and the Verwundentenabzeichen. He was skilled to operate the Gewehr 98, MG08/16, MG34 and P08. He was also a Waffenmeistergehilfe or weapon master assistent. Erich left the Wehrmacht in November 1942.
The wehrpass comes with Erich's D.L.R.G. pass. 

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