Large Geb.San.Kp.54 Grouping

Very impressive and large Gebirgs-Sanitats-Kompanie 54 related Wehrpass/Soldbuch grouping. 

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All the documents of the grouping show overall normal signs of wear. It belonged to a soldier named Ludwig Schallerer. Ludwig was drafted in the 2.Ersatz Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 61 in July 1939. In late August he switched to the Gebirgs-Sanitats-Kompanie 54, as a driver, where he served until the 30.11.1943. This kompanie was part of the 1.Gebirgs-Division and with this division Ludwig was active during the invasion of Poland, France, Yugoslavia, Slowakia, in Russia and the Balkans. In September 1943 Ludwig was hospitalized suffering from phlebitis. He was repatriated to Germany and served the rest of the war in the Stabskompanie Sanitats Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung 7 and from May 1944 in Heeres-Sanitats Staffel Tutzing

The Wehrpass is in excellent condition and pretty full with entries. It contains a very large so-called 'Gefechtskalender'. According to the all to documentation we know the following; Ludwig earned the EK2, Wound badge in Black, Ostmedaille and Drivers Proficiency badges in Bronze and Silver. Ludwig got wounded by a shell splinter in October 1941.

The lot consist out;

  • Wehrpass. Complete with all pages and portrait of Ludwig.
  • Soldbuch. Heavily worn, but complete and full of entries. Also with portrait of Ludwig.
  • Wehrstammbuch. Contains the same (and even more) entries as the Wehrpass.
  • 2 Personal data sheets (1942/1943) which contains military career and personal data incl. campaigns involved, medals awarded, promotions and injuries.
  • 18! Other documents regarding his military service. 
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