6./Art.Rgt.92 (mot) VWA/EKII Award Docs

A nice set of 2 award documents awarded to Gefreiten Wilhelm Heinz
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Both documents show overall normal signs of wear. They where award to Wilhelm who served in the 6.Batterie Artillerie Regiment 92 motorisiert. This regiment was part of the 20.Panzer-Division and was formed in October 1940 in Erfurt. The division saw its first combat during the invasion of Russia. It fought areas like Minsk,Smolensk, Moskau,Gshatsk,Orel. Since April 1942 it was renamed Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment 92. The Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber was awarded on the 19 Feb. 1942 for the wound(s) he got in August 1941. The Eiserne Kreuz 2.Klasse was awarded on the 24.4.1942 and is signed by General der Infanterie Erwin Osswald.

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