9./Gren.Rgt.501 VWA/EKII Award Docs

A nice set of 2 award documents awarded to Obergefreiten Werner Schicke.
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Both documents show overall normal signs of wear. No damages only folded once. They where award to Werner who served in the 9.Kompanie Grenadier Regiment 501. This unit was part of the 290.Infanterie-Division and was formed in Februari 1940 as Infanterie Regiment 501. The division and its units saw its first combat during the invasion of France in 1940. After that it France for a while and was stationed on the Atlantic coast to defend it. From July 1941 it participated in the Russian campaign. It fought in areas like Ilmensee, Demjansk,Staraja Russa,Newel, Polozk and Kurland. The Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber was awarded on the 25.2.1944. They made a unit typing error, Regiment 561 insteadd of 501. The Eiserne Kreuz 2.Klasse was awarded on the 20.4.1944 and is signed by General der Artillerie wearer of the Ritterkreuz and Deutsche Kreuz in Gold.

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