13./Inf.Rgt.229 VWA/EKII Award Docs

A nice set of 2 award documents awarded to Gefreiten Josef Preissner.
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Both documents show overall normal signs of wear. They where award to Josef who served in the 13. (Infanteriegeschütz) Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 229. This unit was part of the 101.Leichten-Infanterie-Division and was formed in December 1940. It saw its first combat during the Balkan campaign in April 1941. In June the division and her units participated in Operation Barbarossa. It fought in areas like Kiew, Charkow and Donez. In July 1942 the regiment became Jäger-Regiment 229 and was part of the 101.Jäger-Division. it fought in areas like Kuban,Berislaw,Hube-Kessel and Karpaten. The Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber was awarded on the 10 October 1941. The Eiserne Kreuz 2.Klasse was awarded on the 6 November 1941 and is signed by General der Infanterie Hans Halm. Wearer of the Deutsches Kreuz in Silber.

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