2.Kp.Lsch.Batl.XVII/XII EKM (Published)

Very nice aluminium dog tag or 'Erkennungsmarke' from a soldier who was drafted in the 2.Kompanie Landesschützen Bataillon XVII/XII.

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The tag shows overall normal signs of use. The soldier served within the 2.Kompanie Landesschützen Bataillon XVII/XII. This bataillon was formed in August 1939 in Mainz with 4 kompanies.
In mid 1939 the bataillon moved to Poland (Tschenstochau) as part of the Kommandant des rückwartigen Armeegebiets 540 (In short Korück 540) under the command of the 10.Armee. 
In March 1940 the bataillon was used to form the II.Bataillon Infanterie Regiment 654 which was part of the 379.Infanterie-Division. The regiment was renamed into Wach-Bataillon 654.
In Januari 1941 the bataillon was used to form Landesschützen-Bataillon 637. It stayed and fought in the east until it was disbanned at the end of 1944.

This tag is published in the book 'Deutsche Erkennungsmarken' by Jean Höidal (page 127).

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