13./Inf.Rgt.416 ISA Award Document (Demjansk)

Nice field made Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber award document awarded to Obergefreiten Günter Ziaja.
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The document shows overall signs of wear. Folded twice. The Infanterie Sturmabzeichen was awarded on 24 December 1941. Ernst served in the 13.Kompanie Infaterie Regiment 416 which was formed in Ocotber 1940. This regiment was part of the 123.Infanterie-Division. It saw its first combat during operation Barbarossa in June 1941. From the end of July 1941 untill mid 1943 the division and its units where stationed and fought in the Demjansk area. Here Günter earned his Sturmabzeichen. In October 1942 the regiment was renamed in to Grenadier Regiment 416. In March 1944 the regiment was dissolved and the remains where used to form Regimentsgruppe 416. It was put in to action in Raum Kishinew.
In July 1944 it became part of the 62.Infanterie-Division which was destroyed in Jassy, Ukrain in August of that year. In October 1944 the 62.Volks-Grenadier-Division was formed with the remains that survived. This division saw its first combat during the Ardennes offensive and later in Remagen. 

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