14.Kp.Gren.Rgt.422 ISA Award Document

Nice Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber award document awarded to Gefreiten Wilhelm Schultheiss.
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The document shows overall signs of wear. Folded twice but its solid. The Infanterie Sturmabzeichen was awarded on 30 September 1943. Wilhelm served in the 14.Kompanie Grenadier Regiment 422.This regiment was formed in October 1940 as Infanterie Regiment 422 and was part of the 126.Infanterie-Division. This division and its units saw its first combat during the invasion of Russia in June 1941. It saw combat in areas like Ilmensee,Nowgorod,Wolchow,Demjansk,Ladoga See and Kurland. The regiment was renamed in October 1942 in to Grenadier Regiment 422. Before the fall of Libau, in May 1945, Regiment 422 together with remaining units of the 11.Infanterie-Division managed to escape by boot and where captured by British forces on the 12th of May 1945. 
The document is signed by Oberst Rudolf Wulf. 


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