Nahkampfspange Grouping Gebirgsjäger Regiment 138

Nice Gebirgsjager Regiment 138 related document grouping. 

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The grouping consist out 14 documents and most of them are in very good condition. They belonged to oberjager Siegfried Kull who served in Gebirgsjäger Regiment 138
The earliest document of the grouping dates 1.July 1941 and is a Gebirgsunteroffiziervorschule Feldkirch certificate. According to the results Siegfried was an average student. Two other Gebirgsunteroffiziervorschule related documents are Siegfrieds DLRG pass with portrait of him and a Freischwimmer-Zeugnis
The other documents are;

  • Promotion (beforderung) document. From Gefreiter to Oberjäger. Dated 27.11.1944
  • Promotion document to Siegfrieds mother. Dated 09.12.1944. This document also tells her, her son is in a fieldhospital because of a shrapnel injury.
  • Document of Awarding of the Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse on the 16.11.1944. Comes with a EKII ribbon. 
  • 3 Woundtags. 2 are dated 5.12.1944 and 1 is dated late April 1945.
  • Gebirgs-Sanitats Kompanie 1/68 document that says Siegfried has multiple shrapnel injuries in his right upper and lower arm and upper and lower left thigh. It also tells the treatment his is getting. The document is dated 24 April 1945, so it matches one of the woundtags.
  • Nahkampfspange 1.Stufe (Bronze) + Nahkampftageliste. The award document is dated 1.1.1945. On the Nahkampfliste a total of 18 close combat days have been noted (very hard to find document).
  • Certificate of discharge. Dated 20.5.1945.
  • Photo postcard of Gebirgsunteroffiziervorschule Feldkirch

Siegfried served in the 8.Kompanie Gebirgsjäger Regiment 138. This regiment was part of the 3.Gebirgs-Division

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