Death Notice of 2 Brothers (Both Gebirgsjägers)

Death notice card of two brothers who both served in a Gebirgsjäger Regiment. 

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The card shows overall normal signs of wear. According the notice Hans Wagner died on the 7th of Juli 1941 in the area of Winiz. Hans was a Gefreiter and served in a Gebirgsjäger Regiment ans wearer of the EKII medal.
Andreas Wagner died on the 21st of September 1942 in Gawrilkowa (Brjansk). He served as an Unteroffizier in 8.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 727. This regiment was part of the 707.Infanterie-Division. Before this he served within the 6.Kompanie Gebirgsjager Regiment 100.

See the last picture for extra info on Andreas (please note that we don't own that info card).

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