8-Piece Lei.Flak.Abt.84 Grouping (Fr,Rus,Norm,Ardenn,Peiper)

Very nice and large 8-piece Flak award document grouping named to Wachtmeister Emil Kaus.
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All documents show overall signs of use. Some a bit more then others. The grouping belonged to Unteroffizier and later Wachtmeister Emil Kaus who first served in the 3.Batterie Leichte Flakabteilung 75 and later switched to Flakkolonne Leichte Flakabteilung 84 (mot.S). This abteilung was formed in August 1938 in Bonn with 3 batteries. In September 1939 it was stationed in the Westwall area. During the invasion of France it supported the 8th Panzer-Division. In September 1940 the abteilung was stationed in Zeebrugge (Belgium) and in October in Oostende (Belgium). In April 1941 the abteilung supported the XIV.Armeekorps in the Balkans. And 2 months later it supported the 7th Panzer-Division. The abteilung fought in Russia untill Februari 1943 and was then moved to Rennes, France, for rest and refit. In May 1944 the abteilung was converted to le.Flak-Abteilung 84 (Sf.). Sf stands for selbstfahrlafette which means armored halftrack with a flak gun.  
The unit participated in the Normandy campaign and suffered heavy losses. It was rebuild in October and November 1944 and saw combat during the Ardennes Offensive as part of Kampfgruppe Peiper.
The grouping consist out:

  • Anschluss 1.Oktober 1938 award document. Signed by Oberstleutnant Schulz. 
  • Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2.klasse document. Signed Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring
  • Wachtmeister promotion document.
  • Ostmedaille document. Signed Oberst Kurt Andersen (RK 21.12.1943)
  • Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse document. Generalleutnant Johann Seifert (DKiG 8.2.1943)
  • Verwundetenabzeichen Schwarz document.
  • Reichssportabzeichen DRL Bronze document.
  • Temporary Registration form (POW)
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