Large Pz.Gren.Rgt.40 Award Doc Grouping

Very nice and large 8-piece Panzer Grenadier award document grouping named to Feldwebel Philipp Zeller.
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All documents show overall signs of use. Some a bit more then others. The grouping belonged to Unteroffizier and later Fahnenjunker Oberfeldwebel Philipp Zeller who served in the 4.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 40. This regiment was formed in Oktober 1934 as Infanterie Regiment Augsburg. From 1936 the regiment was part of the 27.Infanterie-Division. It saw its first combat during the invasion of Poland and was then moved to the west to participated in the Westfeldzug. Via Belgium it reached France where it fought in areas like Somme and Loire. In November 1940 the division became the 17.Panzer-Division and Inf.Rgt.40 became Schützen Regiment 40. In July it was put into action in Russia and saw combat in areas like, Smolensk, Kiew, Brjansk, Orel, Rostow and Charkow. In July 1942 the regiment was renamed Panzer Grenadier Regiment 40. It further saw combat in Stanislau, Baranow, Jägerdorf and Mähren.
The grouping consist out:

- Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse document. Dated 22.7.1940. Signed by Generalleutnant Friedrich Bergmann. Wearer Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (1941)

- Announcement Eisernes Kreuz 1.Klasse. Whilst Philipp was recovering from a wound. Awarded 10.10.1941. 

- Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz award document. Dated 21.1.1942.

- Letter to the parents of Philip that the earned Panzerkampfabzeichen was sent to them. Dated 25.2.1942.

- Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber award document. Dated 12.10.1943. 

- Congratulation letter for earning the 1.Stufe der Nahkampfspange. Dated 14.1.1944.

- Extract from the award list that shows Philipp earned the 1.Stufe der Nahkampfspange on the 1.1.1944 together with a fellow soldier from the same kompanie. 

- Verwundetenabzeichen in Gold award document for his 5th wound. Dated 10.9.1944. 

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