Large Div.Füs.Btl.387 Commemorative Document

Very nice, large and uncommon commemorative (Death Notice) 4/Div.Füs.Batl. 387 related document in good condition. 

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The document shows overall normal signs of wear. It's named to Obergefreiter Adolf Baum who served within the 4.Kompanie Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon 387. This bataillon was part of the 387.Infanterie-Division and fought in areas like Kursk, Woronesch, Donbogen,Donez and more.
Adolf died in combat in the area of Shitomir on the 9th of december 1943. The portrait of Adolf, wearing his Waffenrock and Schirmmutze, is present. On the top there are remains of white paper (former passe-partout) probably because it was once framed. Luckily it's on the white border and when framing it properly again it won't be visible. 
The document measures 49cm*37cm. 

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