FJ.Abz. Decorated Gebirgsjäger Death Notice (Geb.Jg.Rgt.136)

Death notice card of Stabsgefreiten Andreas Kandler who died on a Lazarettschiff when it hit a mine. 

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The card shows overall normal signs of wear. According the notice Andreas died on the 28th of June 1943. He served in the 9.Kompanie Gebirgsjager Regiment 136This regiment was formed in August 1938 and was part of the 2.Gebirgs-Division. The notice shows a large photograph of Andreas wearing his bergmutze and combat tunic (reissued Dutch tunic). On his left breastpocket 3 awarded are pinned on. An Infanterie Sturmabzeichen, a Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and a Fallschirmschutzen Abzeichen. 

Andreas probably earned the FJ award after jumping, on the 12th of june 1940, on the Bardufoss airfield (Norway) to secure it. On that (night) 1 jump was made by regiment 136 and a total of 137 soldiers of the regiment jumped. The next night another 127 soldiers jumped to secure the town of Tromsø. These jumps remain virtually unknown since they where not battle jumps/attacks. So related items are hard to find.  

According to the Wehrmacht administration card (see last picture) Andreas went missing on the 1.6.1943 when the Hospital Vessel Andreas was on sailed on a mine and sank. The dated 28.6.1943 on the notice was probably the date when he was officially announced dead.

See the last picture for the info (please note that we don't own that info card).

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