MG-Schütze Gebirgsjäger Death Notice & Portrait (Sonderverband 288!)

Death notice card and portrait of Gefreiten Leonhard Hermann who died during combat in Afrika.

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The card and photograph show overall normal signs of wear. According the notice Leonhard died on the 1 June 1942 in Got el Ualeb, Lybia. Leonhard was drafted in the 2.Kompanie Gebirgsjäger Ersatz Bataillon 98 and then in the 2.(Gebirgsjäger) Kompanie Sonderverband 288This Sonderverband 288 was a special formed unit consisting out different units like a Gebirgsjäger-Kompanie,MG-Kompanie,Panzerjager-Kompanie, Sturmgeschutz-Kompanie, Flak-Kompanie, Pionier-Kompanie and Nachrichten-Kompanie. The unit had a special insignia showing a palm tree, a rising sun and a swastika.
According to the notice Leonhard earned the Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse and Infanterie Sturmabzeichen.
Items of this unit are very hard to find!

See the last picture for the info (please note that we don't own that info card).



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