Dutch/Flemish ᛋᛋ-Pzgr.Rgt.10 'Westland' Cufftitle

Very nice and very rare EM/NCO's Waffen-SS Dutch or Flemish Volunteer 'Westland' Cufftitle.

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This machine-embroidered cuff title is in excellent condition. It is approximately 42cms in length.

After the Low Countries were conquered (late May 1940), the SS High Command immediately (June 1940) formed a new regiment for Belgian and Dutch volunteers. This regiment was named 'SS-Infantry Regiment 'Westland'.

In early 1941, Regiment 'Westland' became part of the newly formed '5.SS-Division 'Wiking' (former 'SS-Division 'Germania'). 

Regiment 'Westland' saw its first action in the attack on Ukraine when its Division ('Wiking') was part of 'Heeresgruppe Süd'. From then on, the regiment fought fiercely in the German expansion to the east and during their retreat to the west. It fought among else in and around the cities of 'Perwomaisk-Oktjabrisk, Caucasus, Rostov, Kharkov, Ssredny, Kiev and Kanev'

After the bloody battle in 'Tscherkassy' (late 1943), the remaining units of Division 'Wiking', including the 'Westland' regiment, were reorganised and merged with the '3. SS-Panzer-Divison 'Totenkopf'. From then on, it fought among else, in 'Poland' and 'Hungary'. At the end of the war, the remnants of the division surrendered to Soviet forces in May 1945. 

Over the years, Regiment 'Westland' went through a number of name changes. It began as 'SS-Infanterie Regiment 'Westland' and was renamed 'SS-Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 'Westland' in November 1942. It was finally designated as: 'SS-Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 10 'Wiking' in November 1943.

Very rare and very hard to find cufftitle.


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