Stbttr.s.Art.Ers.Abt 62 EKM (Düsseldorf)

Very nice aluminium Stammbatterie Schwere Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung 62 dog tag in used, but good condition.

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The dog tag or 'Erkennungsmarke' shows normal signs of wear. It belonged to a soldier who served in Stammbatterie Schwere Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung (motorisiert) 62. The abteilung was formed in August of 1939 in Düsseldorf. It trained and delivered soldiers for a Heeres-Küstenartillerie-Abteilung, Artillerie-Abteilungen and different Artillerie regiments. At the end of October 1944 the abteilung supplied a large part of its soldiers to the IV.Abteilung Volks-Artillerie-Korps 388 with 12 x 12,2-cm schwerer Feldhaubitze 396 (r).
It was first part of the II.Fallschirmkorps, from December 4th part of the the XII.SS-Korps and during the Ardennes offensive part of the I.SS-Panzerkorps.
A Stammkompanie was a unit that trained the soldiers. Often the soldiers of this kompanie were soldiers who had frontline experience and/or where no longer fully usable on the front due to injuries. Of course this changed later in the war and they also where put into action as there was a shortage of (front)soldiers.
The 'B' on the tag stands for the bloodtype of the soldier.

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