Nachschub Batl.550 Wehrpass Grouping (VWA/Ost/EKII)

Nice small Wehrpass grouping that belonged to a Gefreiten who served within the Nachschub Bataillon 550.

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The grouping shows overall normal signs of wear. The Wehrpass is complete with all pages and the Portrait of Jakob. We have scanned the pages with entries.
According to the Wehrpass Jako Hofmann was drafted into the 5.Kompanie Kraftfahr Ersatz Abteilung 12. After a 5 month traning he served within the 3.Kompanie Nachschub Bataillon 550. According to the 'gefechtskalender on page 32 of the Wehrpass Jakob was stationed as an occupation unit on the French coast for a week in September 1940, then for nearly 2 months on the Dutch coast and 2 months on the Belgium coast. 
In December 1941 the bataillon moved to the east (Russia) under the command of Heeresgruppe Nord. Jakob served here until October 1942 and then switched back to Kraftfahr Ersatz Abteilung 12 and later the Stamm-Kompanie Kraftfahr Ersatz Abteilung 36 (probably as a trainer). He was released from the army in Juni 1943.
Jakob earned the Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber, Ostmedaille and the Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse. With the Wehrpass of Jakob comes an (laminated) Ehrenkreuz fur Frontkampfer award document of his father (photo on the back), who was a World War 1 veteran and a Veteranensold document. 



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