MG Belt Loader (Gurtfuller 34) 1938

Very nice MG belt loader or 'Gurtfuller 34' in used, but good condition. 

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The set shows overall signs of usage. The loader is complete with all (4) parts and works very smoothly when put together. All parts have multiple markings such as the WaA marking. The loader is dated 1938. The feeding tray was modified so that it could be used for 7,62 rounds. So it was used after the war. The loader comes in its transport tin. This (MG) tin was once repainted, but nearly all of it has been removed and this was done very nicely. Only the bottom still has it's green paint. The tin is marked 'brc' on top and 'Patr.Kast.41f.M.G.' on both sides.
Overall a very nice piece for your MG display.

The weight is approximately 7,5 kilos. 


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