Flakscheinw. Wehrpass + Arbeitsbuch (Forst)

A nice Wehrpass set in used, but overall good condition.
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Both passes show overall signs of use. They belonged to Adolf Rheinländer who was drafted in the Luftwaffe Bau Kompanie 1/XII on 21.4.1940. During his time with this unit he helped building Feldflugplatzen for the Luftwaffe in France. He stayed in France until half April 1942 and was then send to Russia.
In December 1942 Adolf helped building Sammellager Stalino and in early 1943 helped with a Lager in Wiener Neustadt (part of KZ Mauthausen). On the 9th of January 1943 Adolf joined the 1.Batterie Flakscheinwerfer Abteilung 188. And according to his Wehrpass he was schooled to be a (Scheinwerfer) Maschinist. The abteiliung was stationed in Linz.
On the 1 of March 1944 he switched to the 5.Batterie Flaksscheinwerfer Abteilung 529. This unit was stationed in Steyr. On the 6th of April 1945 Adolf switched for the last time to the 8.Batterie Schwere Flak Abteilung 695. Adolf was promoted twice. On the 1st of July 1942 he became a Gefreiten and on the 1st of August 1943 he became an Obergefreiten. According to the arbeitsbuch Adolf worked, before he was drafted/enlisted, at the district forestry.
With the 2 passes comes a document that is a letter of good intention. The document is dated April 1945.

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