Flak Rgt.12 Wehrpass (Italy)

Nice Luftwaffe Wehrpass that belonged to a soldier who served within the 1.Batterie I.Abteilung Flak Regiment 12.

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The Wehrpass shows overall signs of wear. It's complete with all pages. Every page with interesting entries have been scanned. The pass belonged to Paul Robert Weiske. Paul served, for almost 2 years, within the 3.Batterie Reserve Flak Abtielung 904 and with this abteilung was stationed in Romania. In September 1942 the 3.Batterie was used to form the 4.Batterie Flak Abteilung 362 and not much later this became s.Flak-Bttr.zbV 1514. With both units Paul saw some heavy combat (see the Gefechtskalender). 
In October 1943 Paul switched to the 2.Batterie schwere Flak Abteilung 574 and moved to Italy and was put into action in March in the area of Turin. In late June 1944 the abteilung was disbanned and Paul's new unit became the 1.Batterie I.Abteilung Flak Regiment 12. With this regiment he saw heavy combat in Raum Bologna. In April 1945 it worked and fought together with the 8. Gebirgs-Division. 
Paul was skilled to handle/operate the K98, Flak 8,8cm, P08 and MP40. He was a schooled 'Geschutzkanonier' and Unteroffizier. According to the Wehrpass Paul earned, at least, the Rumänien Medaille Kreuzzug gegen den Kommunismus, Flakartillerie Tätigkeitsabzeichen and the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2.Klasse.



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