'Die Jägertruppe im Hochgebirge' Press Photo

Very nice Gebirgsjäger related press photograph in good condition.

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The photograph shows overall normal signs of (storage) wear. Complete with caption on the back that reads 'Die Jagertruppe im Hochgebirge'. The size of the photograph is 24cm * 18cm. Note the different details in the photo. The soldier in the middle is wearing his full combat tunic and Bergmutze as where the 2 soldiers on the left, and some in the back, are wearing there hbt worktunic and also ankle/shinwarmers and what appears to be trousers with reinforced leather knees. The soldier on the far right wears a heavily used and repaired early style combat tunic. Looks like the number on his shoulder strap reads '79' what indicates he served in Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment 79.  
Note that all the soldier are holding their first pattern kochgeschirs.

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