8.(M.G.) Komp. Inf.Rgt.390 Wehrpass (KIA)Leningrad

Nice Wehrpass that belonged to a soldier who served within the 8.(M.G.) Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 390.

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The Wehrpass shows overall signs of wear. It's complete with all pages. Every page with interesting entries have been scanned. The pass belonged to Merk Clemens. Merk was drafted in Januari 1938 in the 17.Ersatz Kompanie of Infanterie Regiment 63 where he trained for 3 months and then switched to the 6.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 390. This regiment was part of the 215.Infanterie-Division and saw its first combat during the invasion of France. Before the invasion Merk sitched to the 8.(M.G.) Kompanie of the regiment.
In France it fought mainly on the Maginotlinie. On the 25th of November 1941 the Division and her regiment moved to Russia. It fought in areas like Tichwin, Wolchow and Leningrad. The Wehrpass contains a very nice so-called 'Gefechtskalender'. 
On the 23rd of August 1942 Merk got wounded. A shot in the upper tigh. This happened in the area of Leningrad. Unfortunately Merkdied on the22nd of October1942. 
Merk was trained to operate the K98 and the Schwere MG.08. On the 8th of August 1942 Merk was awarded the Ostmedaille. 

See the last picture for the info (please note that we don't own that info card). 

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