5./Flak.Ers.Abt.61 EKM (Stralsund)

Nice worn aluminiumn dog tag from a soldier who served in the 5.Batterie Flak Ersatz Abteilung 61

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The dog tag or 'Erkennungsmarke' shows signs of wear. It belonged to a soldier who served in the '5.Batterie Flak Ersatz Abteilung 61'. This abteilung was formed in the summer of 1939 in Stralsund with 4 batteries. In 1941 the abteilung was converted into Schwere Flak Ersatz Abteilung 61. In June 1942 the abteilung was divided into an Ersatz and a Ausbildungs abteilung. The Ersatz abteilung stayed the entire war in Stralsund. In 1944 the abteilung was increased to 8 batteries. 
The 'A' on the tag stands for the bloodtype of the soldier. 



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