16.(E)Inf.Pz.Abw.Inf.Rgt.95 Wehrpass

Nice Wehrpass that belonged to a soldier who served within the 16.Ersatz Panzer Abwehr Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 95.

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The Wehrpass shows overall signs of wear. It's complete with all pages. Page one is re-attached again. Every page with interesting entries have been scanned. The pass belonged to Willibald Hegler. Willi was drafted in July 1939 in the 16.Ersatz Kompanie of Infanterie Regiment 95. This was a Panzer Abwehr unit. He served in this unit for only 5 weeks and switched to the 13.Schwere Granatwerfer Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 245 in December 1939. He served until early June 1940 in this unit. Willi was skilled to operate a PaK 3,7cm and the Karabiner 98k and was awarded the 1.10.1938 medal.

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