13./Inf.Rgt.454 Grouping (KIA 1944)

Interesting and tragic grouping of a soldier who served within Infanterie Regiment 454.

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All the documents of the grouping show overall normal signs of wear. It belonged to a soldier named Wilhelm Casper. Wilhelm was drafted in the Fahr Ersatz Schwadron 69 where he served for 6 weeks before he switched to Fahrkolonne 6/254 from late November 1940 until early June 1941. With this unit Wilhelm was stationed in France as occupation force ('Kustenschutz an der Kanalkuste'). 

From June 1941 until January 1942 Wilhelm served within the 13.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 454 and saw action in Lithaunia, Latvia and later in the area of Oranienbaum, Leningrad Schum, Wolchow and Ladoga-See and Demjansk. From January until April 1942 he served within the 7.Kompanie of the same regiment, but switched back to the 13.Kompanie where he served untill his dead on the 15th of January 1944. 

The Wehrpass is pretty full of entries. It contains also a large 'Gefechtskalender'. According to the pass Wilhelm was hospitalized a couple of times and he earned the Ostmedaille. His rank was Obergefreiter.
Interesting to note is that the Wehrpass seems to be damages by a piece of shrapnel. It went all the way through. Besides the Wehrpass the grouping contains also a photograph of the grave of Wilhelm, his Arbeitsbuch and a insurrance card.  

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