13./Gren.Rgt.317 EK2 Award Document

Very nice Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse award document awarded to Obergefreiten Helmut Klinkmann.

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The document shows overall signs of wear. The Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse was awarded on the 25 October 1944 to Helmut who served in the 13.(Infanterie Geschutz) Kompanie Grenadier Regiment 317. This regiment was formed in August 1939 as Infanterie Regiment 317. It was part of the 211.Infanterie-Division (Sperrgruppe Eckhardt). The regiment saw its first combat during the invasion of France in May 1940. In early 1942 it participated in the fights in Russia. It fought in areas like Brjansk, Orel,Newel and Kowel. In October 1942the regiment was renamed into Grenadier Regiment 317.

In November 1944 it was renamed in the 211.Volks-Grenadier-Division and moved to Hungary and fell under the 8.Armee. Bei the end of the war it moved to Niederösterreich and surrendered in Raum Budweis to the Russians AND Americans. 

The document is signed by Generalleutnant und Kommandeur der 211.Infanterie-Division Heinrich Eckhardt. Wearer of the Ritterkreuz des Eisernes Kreuz with Oakleafs.

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