Rare 2./Panzer-Lehr-Abteilung Photo Album

Exceptional and very rare Panzer-Lehr-Abteilung album (27cmx19cm) in very good condition.
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The album is in very good condition and complete with all pages. It contains a total of 121 photos. At the begin there are a couple of postcards that are Panzer Regiment 8 related.

There are a lot of very cool (early) panzer photos with panzer crew wearing their early panzer berets, action photos taken from the panzer cupola/hull, a photo from a panzer's driving position and even photo's of large battleships and u-boats. These are probably taken during time off. 

Panzer Regiment 8 was formed in Oktober 1936 and was part of the 3.Panzer-Division. During the invasion of Poland the regiment was part of the 10.Panzer-Division and after the Poland campaign it participated in the invasion of France.
In the spring of 1941 the regiment became part of the 15.Panzer-Division and was shipped to Afrika. It fought in Libia and in Tunesia. 




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