Published Geb.Jäg.Rgt.100 Leutnant Ausgesmückte Feldbluse

Beautiful and very hard to find early Gebirgsjäger Leutnant 'Ausgeschmückte Feldbluse'.

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The outside of this tunic is in used but good condtion. It has some (moth) damage, which (fortunately!) is not really visible from the front (please see the photos). The tunic is complete with a nice hand-embroidered high quality officers breast eagle, all it's buttons, collar tabs and shoulder-boards with the green waffenfarbe branch colour of the gebirgsjägers.

The same colored piping is applied in the front lower edge of the collar, the upper edge of the cuffs and along side the edge of the left front panel of the tunic. And yes this uniform is a typical and perfect example of the many shades of green used (and accepted!) by the gebirgsjägers. Especially if an officer purchased a private uniform like this one.

The lining of this feldbluse shows signs of use (see the photos).

The 'Ornamented Field tunic' or 'Ausgesmücte Feldbluse' appeared in 1937. It was exclusively meant for officers and could only be purchased in tailor shops. It is a uniform which has features of both the waffenrock and the feldbluse and was allowed to wear at dress occasions (weddings, events etc.).

The officer to whom this uniform belonged to served within the 'Gebirgsjäger Regiment 100' (hence the gilt-washed '100' numerals on the shoulder-boards). This regiment was formed in '1935'. It fell under the command of the '1. Gebirgs Division' from 9 april 1938 and from 3 November 1940 it fell under the '5. Gebirgs Division'. The Regiment has a very rich history (fought in a lot of countries) and related objects/items are highly sought after by collectors. Besides that, this 'Ausgesmückte Feldbluse' is published in the book ‘The German Army, Mountain Soldier of World War II’ (Juli 2009), by 'W.Krawczyk & B.Jansen'.

For the sizes in cms, please see the last photo.

Incredible hard to find tunic!



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