Pz.Abw.Abt.256 EKM

Nice aluminium Panzerabwehr related erkennungsmarke in used condition. 

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The tag shows overall signs of wear. The bottom part of the tag is in excellent condition. It belonged to a soldier who served in the 3.Kompanie Panzerabwehr Abteilung 256. This abteilung was formed in August 1939 and was part of the 256.Infanterie-Division. This division, and her units, saw it's first combat during the invasion of Belgium and then France. It participated in the invasion of Russia and fought in areas like Newel, Rshew, Smolensk and Witebsk where it was disbanned in July 1944. 
The 'A' on both parts of the tag stand for the soldier's bloodtype. 

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Product Number 19926
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branch Panzer
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