Lehrkp.Gr.Rgt.482 All.Sturmabz. Award Document

Nice Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen award document awarded to Obergefreiten Rudolf Buzin.
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The document shows overall signs of wear. Folded in the middle. The Assault Badge was awarded on 1.Januari 1944 to Rudolf who served in the Lehrkompanie Grenadier Regiment 482. This regiment started as Infanterie Regiment 482 in 1939 and was part of the 262.Infanterie-Division. It saw its first action during the invasion of France on the Maginotlinie in May 1940. In late 1940 it was moved to the east, Poland and in June 1941 it participated in the invasion of Russia. It saw action in areas like Shitomir, Kiew, Orel and Brjansk. In the summer of 1943 the division lost so many men that it was not bigger then a 'Kampfgruppe'. In November the 'division' became Divisionsgruppe 262. Surviving Part of Grenadier Regiment 482 also had a role in this divisionsgruppe. Its was used in Raum Smolensk and in September it was used to form Infanterie Regiment 192 which was part of the 56.Infanterie-Division and statoined in East Prussia.
The document is signs by the Oberst und Kommandeur Divisionsgruppe 262.

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