I.R.485 Award Documents (Normandy)

A nice Kriegsverdienstkreuz II and Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz award document set awarded to Obergefreiten Georg Deyman.
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The overall condition of the document is good. It has been folded in te middle. The Verwundetenabzeichen was awarded on the 13th of Janurari 1943. to Obergefreiten Georg Heymann who served the 5th Kompanie of Infanterie Regiment 485 and fell under the command of the 263. Infanterie-Division. The regiment participated during the invasion of France and was later moved to Russia and saw battle in Smolensk,Spass-Demensk (were he probably got wounded), Moskau and Newel. 
In 1943 Georg Deymann moved to the 9th Kompanie of Grenadier Regiment 920 and fell under the 243. Infanterie-Division. This division was statoined in Normandy since October 1943 and was destroyed in 1944 near Cherbourg during the Normandy Campaign. His Kriegsverdienstkreuz II was awarded on September 1st 1943 and is signed by the Generalmajor Hermann von Witzleben. 

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