H.Küst.Art.Abt.826 Documents (Belgium coast)

A nice set of papers that belonged to a soldier within the 3.Batterie Heeres-Kustenartillerie Abteilung 826.

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Both documents show overall normal signs of use. The first one is an 'Ausbildung in der Geschutzbedienung an der 15,5cm(f)'. This was a French canon hence the 'f'. It's a set of 6 pages that tell how to operate the canon. It's dated 1941.
The other 2-paged document is an unit order dated 27.5.1941.
The feldpostnummer on both documents indicates that they belonged to the 3.Batterie Heeres-Kusten-Artillerie-Abteilung 826 which was stationed on the Belgium coast (Nieuwpoort,de Panne, Middelkerke).

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