Gebirgsjäger Südfront Album (France/Kreta/Afrika)

Awesome (and very rare!) Personal Südfront related Gebirgsjäger photo album including some extra 'Atelier' photos.

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The album (24cm x 17,5cm) contains a total of 62 attached photos and 3 loose photos. It tells the journey of a Gebirgsjäger soldier.

It starts with his Reichsarbeitsdienst period, then his transition to the Gebirgsjägers, followed by moments of training and the invasion of France. He then went to Greece, (probably) travelled via Italy (Taranto) to North Africa and back to Greece again.

The albums contain some very nice and very rare photos of the soldier in question wearing his 1st Pattern Südfront Field Blouse, where the 'Afrika Korps' cuff title is attached to his right sleeve. He is also wearing his Tropical M40 cap (with the Soutache still attached and his edelweiss cap badge on the left side) on multiple photos.

Furthermore it contains, some exeptional North Africa Dessert photos (Pak38 firing position, Panzer III in action and some destroyed enemy equipment (Bofors Canon/M3 Grant Tank (from the British 1.Division). It also includes a burial ceremony performed by a priest of 1.Batterie Flak Regiment 23 at Maleme (Crete).

Overall a beautifull photo album.






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