Gebirgsjäger M44 Feldbluse

Very nice and scarce to find Wehrmacht Gebirgsjäger Model 44 field blouse or 'Modell 44 Feldbluse'.

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The tunic is in used but very good condition. The outside of the tunic is complete with it's breast eagle (replaced at one point), collar tabs ('Litzen'), Gebirgsjäger edelweis badge wich matches the condition of the tunic and EK2 ribbon. The Feldbluse has all of it's buttons including the paper/cardboard buttons on the inside of the collar and sleeves. It had two sets of medal loops on the left breast pocket, but these are unfortunately removed (easy to fix though).

The inside is also in used but good condition. it's complete with the two intern belt support straps and all of it's (paper/cardboard) buttons. It's maker marked, depot stamped and dated (looks like '44'), but a bit vague to read due to wear.

Overall a very nice and not so easy to find M44 Feldbluse.

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