Gebirgs-Träger-Bataillon 56 Wehrpass KIA (Finnland)

Nice Gebirgsjager related Wehrpass that belonged to a soldier who served within the 2.Kompanie Gebirgs-Träger-Bataillon 56.

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The Wehrpass shows overall normal signs of wear. It's solid and complete with all pages. All pages with interesting entries have been scanned by us. It belonged to a soldier named Johann Geisenhofer. Johann was drafted in the 2.Kompanie Gebirgs-Trager-Bataillon 56 on the 28th of August 1939. He stayed within the 2.Kompanie till 18 January 1944 and then switched to the 1.Kompanie.
Johann saw the first combat during the invasion of France. In the autumn of 1941 Johann was send, with his bataillon to participated in the Ostfeldzug and fought in Nordfinnland until his dead on 16.8.1944 (1.Feldlaz.(mot.)552)
Johann was promoted twice, 1 Okt. 1939 to the rank of Gefreiten and 1 Jan. 1942 to the rank of Obergefreiter. From mid January 1943 till mid March 1943 Johann was in the hospital for a broken leg. 
Johann earned the Eisernes Kreuz 2de Klasse and the Ostmedaille. 
Nice pass of a Gebirgsjager related unit that is not that common. 


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