Geb.Pio.Btl.94 Death Notice + Portrait 1943

Death notice card of Gefreiter Alois Walcher who died during combat in the area of Newa (Russia).

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Both the notice and portrait shows overall normal signs of wear. According the notice Alois died on the 7 November 1943 in the area of Ssaki-Hfe (Cherson). He died of a bullit to the head (kopfschuss).
Alois was drafted in the Gebirgs-Pionier Ersatz Bataillon 54  and after training became a soldier within the 3.Kompanie Gebirgs-Pionier-Bataillon 94. The bataillon was part of the 4.Gebirgs-Division. This division and her units fought in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and in the east in areas like Mius, Kaukasus, Kuban, Krim. It's pretty unique that the his portrait postcard comes with the notice. On the portrait we see that Alois is wearing his Tropen tunic and Tropen Mutze 41 (with edelweiss)

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