Gebirgs-Kraftfahr-Abteilung 18 M41 'HBT' Feldbluse

Nice 'Gebirgs-Kraftfahr-Abteilung 18' Model 41 'HBT' (Herring Bone Twill) Feldbluse or 'Modell 41 Feldbluse'

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The tunic shows some signs of wear but is still in very good condition. The outside is complete with original insignia and all of its buttons. The breast eagle and collar tabs were replaced at some point.

The tunic comes with 2 non-matching Kraftfahrer shoulder-straps (once replaced), which are sewn-in with their backstrap. The chain-stitched, embroidered '18' on the straps in combination with the Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss Sleeve Badge on the right arm portrays the tunic belonged to an Enlisted soldier who served within the 'Gebirgs-Kraftfahr-Abteilung 18'

On the inside the lining is intact. Its complete with all the buttons except for the little button to close the bandage package pouch on the right inside (easy fix though). It's size marked, but a bit vague to read completely (see photo).

Not an easy to find model in HBT weave.

For the sizes in cms --> See the last photo

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