4.Rekr.Kp. Fl.ausb.Regt.42 EKM

Nice 4.Rekruten Kompanie Flieger Ausbildungs Regiment 42 erkennungsmarke in used, but good condition.

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Very nice Luftwaffe dogtag in good condition that belonged to a soldier that served in the 4.Rekrutenkompanie Flieger Ausbilungs Regiment 42. This regiment was formed in April 1939 in Stade. In august 1942 the regiment was renamed into Flieger Regiment 42. In september of that year the regiment was used to form Luftwaffen-Feld-Division 8. In December it saw heavy combat in the area of Taganrog (Mius). Due to the heavy losses it suffered, the remains of the Division where absorbed in the Luftwaffen-Feld-Division 15 in March 1943. This Division also saw heavy combat in the Taganrog area and by the end of 1943 the Division was descimated. The remains where absored by the 336.Infanterie-Division. This Division saw heavy combat on the Krim. 
A Rekrutenkompanie tag is not easy to come by.
Interesting dogtag.

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