4.A./Fl.Ausb.Rgt.52 EKM (Ardennes)

Nice Flieger Ausbildungs Regiment erkennungsmarke in used, but good condition.

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Very nice Luftwaffe dogtag in good condition that belonged to a soldier that served in 4.Kompanie Flieger Ausbildungs Regiment 52. This regiment was formed in April 1939 in Halberstadt. In October 1941 it moved to Soissons , France. In August it was redesignated to Flieger Regiment 52. In December of 1942 the regiment was used to form Luftwaffen-Feld-Division 18 and was still in France. In Februari 1943 the division was 3130 men strong. In November of that year the division was taken over by the Heer and renamed in to 18.Feld-Division(L). It was stationed in Dunkirk-Calais area as a coastel defence force. In August of 1944 the division fought as part of the 5.Panzer-Armee in defense of Paris, but had to retreat to Belgium. It was destroyed in the Mons pocket.
Remains of the division where used to form the 18.Volks-Grenadier-Division in Denmark. In October 1944 it moved to the Schnee-Eifel area to prepare for the Ardennes Offensive. During the Ardennes offensive the division had the task to conquer the town of St.Vith. They managed to do so. After that they recieved orders to relieve the 1.SS-Panzer-Division in the Houvegnez area. By the mid of Januari the division was considered to worn out. They had only a battle strength of 50! men. They recieved replacements and fought heavy in the Bleialf area untill early Februari. They had to retreat and by the beginning of March crossed the river Rhine.
The division was disbanned mid-March, but remnants where used, together with leftovers of the 26.Volks-Grenadier-Division to form a combat group. 
Very interesting dogtag.

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