3-Piece Inf.Rgt.251 Award Document Set

Nice Verwundetenabzeichen, EK2 and Infanterie Sturmabzeichen award documents awarded to Schützen Friedrich Jens.

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The overall condition of all 3 documents is good. They where awarded to Schützen Friedrich Jens who served in the 14.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 251. This regiment was formed in December 1939 and was mainly equipped with captured Tjech weapons. The regiment was part of the 83.Infanterie-Division. They participated in the invasion of France in May 1940. In late 1941 they were moved to the Russian front and saw combat in areas like Malkinia, Welish and Newel. In October 1942 the regiment was renamed into Grenadier Regiment 251 and in Februari it became Grenadier Bataillon 251 and was absorbed by Grenadier Regiment 547 in June 1943.
Grenadier Regiment 251 was reformed in the winter of 1943/44 and saw mainly combat in the Kurland area.
The EK2 document is signed by Generalmajor Adolf Sinzinger, wearer of the Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes which was awarded in Februari 1942.

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