2./Kraft.Ers.Abtlg.16 EKM (Krefeld)

Nice worn zinc dog tag from a soldier who served within the 2.Kompanie Kraftfahr Ersatz Abteilung 16.

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The dog tag or 'Erkennungsmarke' shows normal signs of wear. The abteilung was formed in July 1941 in Krafeld and was part of Division.156. This division (and her units) moved to Spa, Belgium in late July of that year. In October 1942 and Ausbilungs Abteilung 16 was formed and they became part of Division.526. In Februari the unit was disbanned and it's personel became part of Kraftfahr Ersatz Abteilung 6 and Kraftfahr Ausbilungs Abteilung 6.
The 'A' on both parts of the tag stands for the soldiers bloodtype. 


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