2/Nbl.Ers.Abt.1 Erkennungsmarke (Published)

Nice worn dog tag from a soldier who served in the 2.Kompanie Nebel Ersatz Abteilung 1.

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The dog tag or 'Erkennungsmarke' shows signs of wear. The abteilung was formed in November 1939 in Celle. It trained soldiers for different Nebelwerfer Regiments, Abteilungs and Entgiftungs-Abteilungen. In September 1944 the abteilung (by then a Schwere Nebel Abteilung) became part of Nebel Ersatz Regiment 1. 
In November 1944 the Werfer Abteilung 3 was newly formed again and in April 1945 it was mobilized during the Ostgoten-Bewegung as part of Werfer Ausbildungs Regiment 1.
The 'B' on both parts of the tag stands for the soldier's bloodtype.
This tag is published in the book 'Deutsche Erkennungsmarken' by Jean Höidal (page 96).
Interesting dog tag of a hard to find branche. 



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