14./Füs.Rgt.39 Schutzw./VWA in Silber Award Docs.

A set of award documents awarded to Stabsgefreiter Eugen Keil, both in used, but solid condition.

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The documents shows overall normal signs of wear. The Deutsche Schutzwall Ehrenzeichen was awarded on 28th of Februari 1940 to Oberschutzen Eugen who then served in the 14.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 39. This regiment was formed in 1934 as Infanterie Regiment Munster and was since 1936 part of the 26.Infanterie-Division. It saw combat during the invasion of the low countries and then France. In June 1941 it participated in the invasion of Russia and it fought in areas like Bolchow, Donbogen, Kursk, Smolensk and Kowel. In November 1942 the regiment was renamed Füsilier-Regiment 39, still part of the 26.Infanterie-Division. 
The Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber was awarded on the 26th of Januari 1944 for the wounds he suffered on 21.6.1940, 11.10.1941 and 17.11.1943.



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