10./Inf.Rgt.16 EKM (Rotterdam 1940)

Very nice aluminium dog tag or 'Erkennungsmarke' in very good condition from a soldier who served in the 10.Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 16. 

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The dog tag shows normal signs of wear. The regiment was formed in January 1921 as 16.Infanterie-Regiment and was part of the 100.000 Reichswehr force.
In October 1935 the regiment was renamed into Infanterie Regiment 16 and became part of the 22.Infanterie-Division. This division is also known as 22.(LL)Infanterie-Division (Luftlande).

From 1938 the regiment was trained to became a so-called 'Luftlandeeinheit' and was put into action on the first day of the invasion of Holland. The 10.Kompanie was part of the III.Bataillon of the regiment and landed near the Waalhaven airport in Rotterdam on the 10th of May under the command of Oberstleutnant von Choltitz. They fought against the Dutch Marines who defended the Maas bridges. Choltitz played a vital role as a negotiator prior to the bombing of Rotterdam.

On the 2nd of July 1941 the divsion and her units saw action in Russia. It fought in areas like Krim and Sewastopol. In June 1942 the regiment was send to Greece as occupation force and in October to Crete. In late 1942 the regiment was renamed into Grenadier Regiment 16. The last years of the war it mainly fought against partisans.  

This tag is published in the book 'Deutsche Erkennungsmarken' by Jean Höidal (page 64).


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