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All documents shows overall signs of wear. It belonged to a Helmut Garlipp who, from Oct.1936 - Oct.1938 served within the 4(M.G.) Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 66. He then switched to the 2.Kranken Krafwagen Zug 196 where he served until May 1942. With this unit he was put into action during the invasion of France where he was stationed until June 1941. Unfortunately the rest of the 'Gefechtskalender' in the Wehrpass is gone, but he also saw action in Russia.
On the 3rd of April 1944 he was listed within the 1.Marschbatterie Werfer Ersazt Abteilung 1. Here he followed different courses such as Pionierdienst,Infanterie Ausbildung (Truppenführer) and Batterie Trupp Ausbildung.
In October 1944 he switched to the 7.Batterie Werfer Regiment 86 which was part of the Volks-Werfer-Brigade 16 and was send to the West. Here is was part of the 5.Panzerarmee. Under the 5.Panzerarmee it was put into action during the Ardennes battles in December 1944. Hellmut was skilled to handle/operate different machine guns, pistols and Nebelwerfers.
He was awarded the Ostmedaille, Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2.Klasse, Sudetenmedaille and EKII.
The Wehrpass comes with a portrait postcard of Hellmut, letter of good conduct whilst serving the Kranken Kraftwagenzug, Sanitäts Personal ausweis and small Ostmedaille related document.

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