Heer.Flakart.Ers.u.Ausb.Abt.276 Erkennungsmarke

Nice worn dog tag from a soldier who served in the Stammbatterie Heeres Flakartillerie Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung 276.

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The dog tag or 'Erkennungsmarke' shows signs of wear. The bataillon was formed in November 1941 in Osnabrück. It was stationed the entire war in Germany. The abteilung was mobilized in September 1944 during the Walküre Aufruf. (All training and reserve troops became (front)fighting forces).
The abteilung delivered a 8,8cm Batterie and 3 Grenadier Kompanies under the name Fla.Bataillon 276. The abteilung itself became part of the the Division Nr.466 in October 1944 and moved to the Bocholt-Dorsten area (Dutch/German border)
A Stammkompanie was a kompanie that trained the soldiers. Often the soldier of this kompanie were soldiers who had frontline experience and/or were no longer fully usable at the front due to injuries. Of course this changed later in the war as there was a shortage of soldiers

Heeres Flak dog tags are not easy to come by. 

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